Building the Future


We believe in renewable energy. A never ending resources, clean, and relatively cheaper than fossil fuel.

Surya Energy is like no other renewable energy company, we engineered our own system from the ground up to maximize energy conversion rate as max as possible.

About Surya Energy

Surya Energy is an Independent Solar Power Producer Startup with a goal to revolutionize solar power to a whole new level and a campaigner for clean energy

Our solar panel system are able to accurately track the sun (99.1% Accuracy) using both active and passive tracking even when cloudy weather, resulting 60% more energy produced than conventional stationary panels.


Solar power is very suitable for industrial use, with a matching timeframe between demand and supply. Using our system, we can generate up to 60% more power than stationary panel.


Although the demand and supply timeframe don’t match for residential purpose, we could use our engineered battery pack to reserve energy and use it at night.


Our mission is very clear and parallel to the mission of Indonesia’s Government in renewable energy. And we will keep supporting the mission together.

The Panel

Our Final Hardware Design

Don’t ever think that our tracking system is like ordinary system. We spent more than 3 years to develop the perfect and accurate algorithm for our system.

Enabling up to 60% more power produced

The Data

The Proof

We are not BS-ing, here is our data that show a power output comparison between our system and stationary system.

Let’s Build Something

Go let us know, we are happy to meet new people, collaborate, and work together
8th Floor, Research Center Building, ITS Sukolilo Campus, Surabaya
+62 (821) 4567 6433